How Can Google's Social Impact Help Me?

Google's latest project, Google+, is an exciting opportunity for businesses of all sizes to tap into the massive potential of the internet. But what exactly does this new feature do for your business? Will it be a way to compete with Facebook and other social media sites? Or, is it simply another place to gather data and improve your Google+ page? You may be surprised by what we find out.

As you might expect, Google+ allows you to share information with your existing and potential customers - but it goes much further than this. If you are a business owner with a page on Google Places, you can share real-time information about your company with all of your customers. When a person adds your business to their Google+ list - or clicks one of the links to share information about your company - that person will see your latest blog post. They will also be able to see specific information based on what they signed up for or searched for.

There are multiple ways to share this information, too. You can publish your posts to your Google+ pages or directly to your blog (e.g. every day). You can even include an icon next to your posts on your Google+ profile page. This way, your followers will know what you are up to (in the manner of current news). They can also follow your blog posts via the social media site, Google Reader, or any number of other ways.

Another area that you might surprise with Google+ is its ability to streamline your communications. With the integration of Google+ pages to your email campaign, you can easily streamline communications and share messages from your desktop computer, smartphone, or tablet with anyone you want. If you are following up on an inquiry through Twitter, you can simply send a quick email to the inquirer, and then share the link on your page. You can even create new conversations within your social impact profile that you can share with people you might not otherwise have targeted.

Google' magazine can also be useful for sharing information with friends on Google+. Simply click on the post in your personal account and share it with people on your Google+ page. magazine who are following you on your Google+ page will see this, as will anyone who is following you on Twitter. magazine can also add your blog to your Google+ activity feed for easy access.

In addition to providing a way to streamline your communication, you can also provide a great way to share links to interesting posts on your personal page. Once you've shared enough information to interest them, they might be curious enough to visit your page. You can share a short snippet of the post along with a link so that they can visit your page and see for themselves what you've found. You might also want to share a longer piece of content so that more people can benefit from what you have to say. It could be a good way to introduce a guest blog post or an ebook giveaway.

The social media community is a very active one. Chances are that if you're a part of it, you have pages or feeds set up for sharing your content with others. If you don't already have these pages set up, you should consider getting them set up today so that you can start sharing the information that you have to offer as soon as possible. It may also be worth logging into these pages on a regular basis to share pieces of your content with friends, family members and co-workers.

In essence, the key to Google Social Impact is to get as many people as you can to log on to your Google+ page. This should include your friends, family members and co-workers. Don't limit the scope of your content by limiting the audience you share your pages with. You should always think about how your page can enhance the lives of those who access it and why they should continue to share it with others.

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